10G OEO wavelength converter and signal repeater GT-OEO Series16 Ports Serial RS232/422/485 to Ethernet Server/Com Driver

10K SIP Soft Switch GT-SS3500

Guangdong Global Telecommunication Technology GT-SS3500 soft switch product can realized various kinds of communication network access such as SIP protocol into IMS/NGN core network or PSTN network through digital or analog trunking of  GT-TG series trunking gateway. The Soft switch system is support IP PBX/ AG/IAD/IP phone user access. It can also work and certified with famous brand of IP PBX such as Huawei/ZTE/ALU/Audio Code and so on.


GT-SS3500 adopts IP multimedia system. It can meet the end user more innovative and diversified multimedia service requirement. It also recognized as core technology of next generation network which fix unified communication of mobile and fixed network.  The soft switch are adopt SIP protocol as calling and service control signaling.  Due to terminal and core layer both adopt SIP protocol base on IP which having feature on running at any kind of network so enable IMS support various kind of accessing. That makes IMS application field from mobile network in beginning and extends to fixed network.


Moreover, IMS system can support mobile ability management and having QoS service ensuring mechanism. Therefore, compared to the advantage of IMS is also reflected on broadband users roaming management and QoS Security mechanism.

n Support IMS/NGN/PSTN access

Support access into IMS/NGN network base on SIP protocol. It can also support access into PSTN by trunking gateway.

n VoIP distributing access

All subscribers are getting number from soft switch. It can also accessed by different group of subscribers which from AG/IAD/IP PBX.

n Short Number dialing, Calling zero fare.

Enterprise can do short number calling in internal and free of fare.

n One extension having multi number, Multi network access.

Each extension can not only have short number and also able to set for one or multi full number from different operator base on daily requirement. So that it can realized directly calling by full number.

n Calling authority / VIP user

Users can be granted by different department for authority which include internal call, local call , long distance call and so on.  And VIP users can do prior outgoing call and set for multi grade VIP.

n Abundant voice service.

System can provide call conference, Auto Attendant, One number reached, calling forward, DND, Voice mail and other voice service.

n Dual equipment backup and dual homed.


Soft switch server provides redundancy and high reliability solutions dual-homed access equipment, providing carrier-class reliability of service




Physical Dimension


Gross Weight



220V AC power

Support AC220V dual power 1+1 warm backup, Input voltage range 110V to 240V.

Full load power consumption


Signaling protocol


RFC3261,RFC2327,RFC3262,RFC3264,RFC3581,RFC3515Auto negotiating on RFC2543



Network Protocol



Voice Coding

G.711 A/U,G.723.1,G.729 ,AMR

IP Voice compression channel


Echo Suppression

G.165/G.168-2000 echo cancellation


TOS, Jitter Buffer, VAD, CNG, diffServ

DTMF relay

RFC2833, Inband, Outband



VPN/ firewall traversal

Primate Protocol

SIP Subscribers



SIP Trunking Quantity



1080000 times per hour


Max concurrent call


AA automated

Max 144 lines

Voice Mail

Max 500 hours



Working Temperature

0-50 degree

Working Environment


10%-90%Non condensing

Application Field

² Fix to government, finance, manufacturing, education, health care, energy and other large companies / group user's internal IP voice communications.


² Fix to government, finance, manufacturing, education, health care, energy and other large companies / group user's assignment on unified communication system.


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